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We help families balance their personal and work lives by entrusting the care of their children to the best hands.

Educational Project

The first years in a child's life are crucial for the subsequent development of all their facets.

Psychology and Speech Therapy

To face any difficulty a child may encounter in their development, with the most appropriate professional advice and guidance.

Children's Yoga

Practicing yoga from an early age helps the restless or highly active child channel their energy.

About Babynet

About us

Babynet es un Centro Bilingüe de Educación Infantil adherido al Plan de Ayudas a la Familia de la Junta de Andalucía. Babynet is a Early Childhood Education Bilingual Center affiliated with the Family Support Plan of the Andalusian Regional Government.

We began our journey in September 2003, and we are located at the headquarters of the Illustrious College of Physicians of Malaga.

At Babynet, we consider the promotion and teaching of English as an additional language essential, given its relevance today.

Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service, covering the greatest number of services possible, always with the highest quality. Our pedagogical approach focuses mainly on routines and playful dynamics.

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Our goal

Our educational project

The first years in a child’s life are crucial for the subsequent development of all their facets.

At Babynet, learning and stimulating English as a second language is a very important pillar, as it is indispensable in our modern days.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive service that encompasses a wide range of benefits of a very high standard. Our educational proposal revolves primarily around routines and games.

1st Bilingual Childcare Center

opened in Malaga

1st Childcare Center

to implement web cameras

+1500 Students

have grown and learned with us

Up to 4 siblings

have repeated their experience
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Home - BabyNetOnline
Home - BabyNetOnline

About us

Our team

We have a team of qualified professionals to carry out the educational and care objectives.

Our bilingual teachers work based on a class program where students have diverse age-appropriate activities, vocabulary related to their surroundings, songs, and English intelligence bits.

Come join us

We offer a socio-educational service for the First Cycle of Early Childhood Education aimed at students aged 0 to 3 years old

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