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Psychology Cabinet for Parents

We offer a special Optimal Development Program:

“Brief Therapies for Parents of Happy and Healthy Babies”

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Psychology for parents

Babynet has a SPECIAL EXTERNAL PSYCHOLOGY SERVICE FOR PARENTS with efficient, cutting-edge psychology techniques based on Neuroscience for your deep well-being and, consequently, for the well-being of your baby.

Our main objective is to promote conscious parenting for the baby, thanks to the lasting positive impact of a full, conscious, and satisfying experience by the adult family members.

This Optimal Development program offers packages of 4 and 8 sessions with guaranteed improvements, which include a special 25% discount for BABYNET for parents and grandparents of the enrolled baby.

Sessions can be held at our own Center or virtually via videoconference on a computer and/or mobile device. For more information on the benefits of this service, you can view the infographic or visit the website

Psychology for Families - BabyNetOnline

Dra. Rocío Torres-Mancera

Our team of Psychology and Well-being for Parents

Delighted to greet you and congratulations for being here, if you want to know more about me, click here.

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